About James Parla

Wappingers Central School District Superintendent James Parla knows that core education begins at a young age. After making significant strides to horizontally align the reading and writing curriculum at the elementary level, while preparing a cost-effective full-day kindergarten proposal, Dr. Parla continues to improve upon programs and systems for both students and faculty. Dr. Parla introduced Curriculum Mapping to the the district which is currently being implemented, reflecting the the new Common Core Standards.

Keenly aware of the importance of parental involvement and input, Dr. Parla works closely with parents in the district to ensure trusting partnerships and strong alliances. Supporting the Parent-Teacher Association and attending numerous school concerts, sporting events, and various other activities, James Parla remains an active participant in the community and a staunch advocate of the endeavors carried out by students statewide. In addition, Dr. Parla makes sure to post updates on the school district’s website each month to inform parents, students, and interested parties about pressing concerns, special achievements, upcoming events, or general information.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Parla has evolved into his role through much experience and an impressive academic career. James Parla initially attended Rockland Community College, where he earned his Associate of Arts degree. Upon graduating, James Parla enrolled at the State University of New York in Oneonta, New York, where he achieved a Bachelor of Science degree. After earning both a Master of Arts degree and a Professional Diploma in Educational Administration, James Parla completed a Master of Business Administration degree and, finally, earned a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University in New York City.

Since the conclusion of his academic career, James Parla has also served as a Teacher, an Assistant Dean, and a Director of Operations. In his free time, Dr. Parla enjoys such diverse activities as motorcycling and cooking.


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